The "Law Office INLAT" is rightfully considered to be one of the oldest private law firms in the recent history of Latvia.

The "Law office INLAT" was founded in 1989, the era of active entrepreneurship development that laid the foundation of the modern economy of Latvia.

In April 1989 with the purpose of providing legal services the law firm Inlat was established which two years later was transformed into the  «Juridiskais birojs INLAT» Ltd.

At the time we were guided by desire to meet the growing demands from business start-ups in the skilled support at establishing and development steps of legal persons, as well as in further overall support of their business. We have successfully been doing this for more than 25 years, which is the proof itself of our expertise and experience.

The "Law Office INLAT" has acquired successful experience in protection of its clients’ interests which is applied in practice.

So, over the years of existence of the "Law Office INLAT", there have been many events that have had a major impact on the political and economic life of Latvia, and we have acquired the necessary experience and knowledge:

- the restoration of Latvia's independence, which led to a formation of a completely new and ever-changing legal framework,

- the economic crisis and the struggle for economic sphere of influence in the first half of 1990s,

- the rapid growth of Latvia’s economy with its subsequent decline in the second half of the 2000s,

- Latvia's accession to the European Union in 2004, which again caused significant changes in the legislation of Latvia.


Based on the skill, tradition and experience we can offer our current and future customers a wide range of legal and related services that allow to ensure complex legal and accounting services of business activities, handling of specific issues of the corresponding character.


In particular, the "Law Office INLAT" offers professional solutions in the following areas:

Banking law

Investment funds

Investment incentives

Intellectual property

Infrastructure and its regulation

Corporate law

Real estate

Business competition law

Legal regulation of financial services

Settlement of disputes

Restructuring and bankruptcy

Mergers and Acquisitions


Land and sea transport

Distribution and trade

Labor law

Residence permit processing